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Production Manager

Job title Production Manager
Last Education University
Year of Experienced 3 years
Job Description Basic concept of “Manufacturing”: To engage in developing the production activity each day, by adopting the “Corporate Mission” through daily operations and by penetrating the missions to all employees.
Purpose of job at the production sites: To realize the quality, cost and services that are superior to our competitors through production activities.
Make effective use of the production resources (personnel, materials, finance, and information) to satisfy customers’ requirements such as quality, delivery time and price.
Be cost-conscious about overall production processes and possess strong will to achieve the goal to secure profitability.
Manufacturing: Print, Conversion, Logistic, Maintenance, Health & Safety
Enhancement of Safety Management such as: Implement study sessions to promote safe operation; Mandate requirements for acquiring necessary qualifications; Establish regulations to prevent work accidents and confirm the results of the corrective action taken after the incident
Improvement of working environments (noise, ventilation, temperature and humidity)
Enhancement of Environmental Management: Fires at plant facilities: Specify dangerous zones(storages for and workplace using hazardous materials); Take precautions against fires(explosion-proof construction, fire extinguishing appliances,separated space due to space layout); Take precautions against natural disasters(earthquakes, flood damages etc.)
Quality: Ensure quality procedure set in place in every department responsible; Coordinate with the Quality Manager in updating the quality procedure; Ensure data relating to quality is properly recorded; Work closely with the Quality Manager
Delivery: Create and implement the facility and production plans that respond to customer requirements; Create and implement the plans to improve efficiencies of the overall production processes related to materials, cylinder-making and operation; Produce products based on the production schedules and product specifications; Manage production based on the product specifications
Education: Teach operation through OJT; Promotion of Kaizen activities: Speculate the effect of suggested ideas and implement them; Implement TQM in coordination with the Quality Manager
Fulfill the following 5 major requirements: 1) Assure safety; 2) Maintain and improve the quality; 3) Achieve targeted production volume and punctuality in lead-time; 4) Reduce cost; and 5) Adequately train the subordinates and establish trustful relationship. All the dimensions shall be under supervision and/or with coordination with General Director
Age From 30 to 35
Sex Male
Nationality Vietnamese
Language English (Business)
Skill A minimum 3-year experience in a managerial position in a “production by order” company
Experience of managing 30+ workers, supervisors and managers
Experience in the packaging industry is preferable
Computer skills: Word, Exce and other MS Offices Applications,
Salary (Gross) 20,000,000 VND ~ 24,000,000 VND
1,000 USD ~ 1,200 USD
Insurance Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance
Commute Allowance No
Other Allowance
Pick up Bus No
Working hours Monday - Friday: From 7:30 To 16:00
Saturday: From 7:30 To 16:00 Every week
Workplace Binh Duong
Start working date 2011-09-15
Probation periods 60 day(s)
Number of candidates 1
Providing shrink sleeve labels, spouted pouches and label-application machines
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Tran Thi Phuong Thao
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